Garth Brooks Parenting: Dishes Out Sage Advice

Garth Brooks

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In 2000, Garth Brooks decided to hang up country music stardom and concentrate on raising his three daughters Taylor, August, and Allie. Boy, did he learn some things during those 14 years!

Garth Brooks Parenting has always been a high priority for the country music star.  He retired from country music to spend more time with his 3 daughters and did not return to his career until the youngest daughter graduated from high school.

Garth Brooks recently opened up to People Magazine about his time away from country music and the lessons he learned as a father of three young women. Now that his daughters have all reached adulthood, Brooks shares some no-nonsense parenting tips he has picked up over the years.

Any parent can apply this advice!

Garth Brooks Parenting Advice

1. Always Be On Call.
“Because sure enough, something will happen: Somebody isn’t feeling good, or somebody left their cheerleading bloomers.”

2. Let Them Fail.
“You can’t succeed if you don’t know what losing is. Taylor played soccer and once got her ass handed to her, and I’ve never, ever been more proud to be her dad.”

3. Put Them To Work.
His daughters have all waited tables, since “once you’ve figured out how to wait on people and clean toilets, it makes you very mindful of how you treat the people who are serving you.” (Amen!)

4. Test Their Dates Right Away.
“If a young man can swallow his pride to let her drive [on the first date], that’s cool. And if something goes wrong, she can come home.” (Plus, Garth is not a fan of young men who honk from the driveway and don’t approach the front door. Those guys are bad news, good call Mr. Brooks.)

5. Always Set Consequences.
“We had an agreement that if their grades dropped, their cell phones got taken away.”

Parenting is quite the undertaking, but Brooks provides a good outline to put into action. By the way, Garth Brooks is nominated for the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year Award. Vote now.

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