Garth Brooks Announces Unique Behind the Album Experience

Garth Brooks

photo: Garth Brooks/Instagram

Garth Brooks is about to make a concept album where the fans get to watch the creative process. Check this out!

Garth Brooks released his ninth album Man Against Machine back in 2014 and the fans have been crazy about it. But for the follow up album, Garth recently announced that he wants to make a concept album that broadcasts the entire creative process live via Facebook.

Garth has been rubbing elbows with Facebook a lot recently and is looking to use it to give fans an amazing view of his life and music. He went live on the platform before his huge concert in Columbus Ohio Friday night to announce the coming excitement and to answer a round of fan questions.

Check out the full live video from Facebook below.

Garth Brooks is still on his record breaking tour and is set to moves across the country for the next few weeks. Make sure you follow along with Garth as he continues to make music history. For more trending news about Mr. Brooks click the big button below!

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