Garth Brooks All Day Long Touts Honky-Tonk Vibes, Proves Successful

garth brooks all day long

photo: Garth Brooks Instagram

Country music superstar Garth Brook's new single "All Day Long" has a throwback sound that's making waves with country music fans! More here.

Garth Brooks All Day Long was released in 2018.  Garth Brooks‘ new single “All Day Long” dropped on Tuesday, June 19th, and is getting a very warm reception from country radio and fans! The track is the most-added song at country radio this week, debuting at No. 21 on Billboard and No. 28 on the Mediabase chart. The rockin’ tune was co-written by the country music legend alongside Mitch Rossell and Bryan Kennedy. Fans can currently stream “All Day Long” via Amazon Music here.

“We were playing all the stuff that we used to play in the honky-tonks, and hearing it bounce off those brick walls and hearing those people sing along, I said, ‘You know what? What we need is a good damn honky-tonk song.’ So that’s what we went to do,” Brooks shared about his experience during the 2018 Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, which inspired “All Day Long.”

“This is one of those songs I can play all day long,” he added. “I love this song.”

Garth Brooks All Day Long Post to Instagram

Fans can now pre-order Brooks’ highly-anticipated new album here and receive the new single immediately, as well as an exclusive bonus track, “The Road I’m On,” which will be the opening song of the star’s upcoming tour. As fans know so well, Garth Brooks wrapped up his epic three-and-a-half year long world tour with wife Trisha Yearwood in December and already preparing to hit the road again. More details on this matter will be released on July 9th.

Fun facts: Mitch Rossell also wrote Brooks’ “Ask Me How I Know” and Bryan Kennedy wrote “The Beaches [of Cheyenne]” and “American Honky-Tonk Bar Association.”

Enjoy watching a country radio station discuss All Day Long as an old school song.

Garth Brooks All Day Long Lyrics

Somebody’s gotta start the weekend
Somebody’s got to unwind
Somebody’s gotta find that honky-tonk
Out on the county line
With pretty things and a band that swings
That gets ’em all out on the floor
And if we’re gonna get the party started
Somebody’s gotta swing ’em doors

Somebody’s gotta feed that jukebox
Somebody’s gotta drink that beer
Somebody’s gotta get all rowdy
And raise some hell in here
Somebody’s gotta dance with the women
Spin ’em to a country song
I can do this night life all day long

Somebody’s gonna need a shoulder
When that sad song plays
Somebody’s gonna need to hold her
Tell her it’s okay
Just let ‘er know to let it go
And then she’s gonna have some fun
If she needs some help gettin’ over him
Somebody’s gotta get it done

Somebody’s gotta shoot that whiskey
Somebody gotta bust that rack
Somebody’s gotta play that country that ain’t ever comin’ back
If home is where the heart is then I’m right where I belong
I can do this night life all day long

Somebody’s gotta go the distance
Somebody’s gotta call last round
Somebody’s gotta turn the lights on
And shut this ol’ bar down
When mornin’ comes you’ll find someone
With a headache and a grin
You know Saturday night is comin’
Somebody’s gotta go again

Somebody’s gotta feed that jukebox
Somebody’s gotta hold my beer
Somebody’s gotta get a little crazy
And raise some hell in here
Somebody’s gotta spend that paycheck
‘Til the money’s gone
I can do this night life all day long
I can do this night (let me hear you say)
All day long

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