Exclusive: Deidre Thornell Unleashes “Somewhere Wild & Free” Lyric Video

Deidre Thornell

photo: c/o Deidre Thornell

Emerging country music artist Deidre Thornell’s latest single "Somewhere Wild & Free" will bring you back to your carefree years. Enjoy the new lyric video here!

Rising Nashville star Deidre Thornell’s latest single “Somewhere Wild & Free” is the first of many hits by the young up-and-comer — and we have an exclusive look at her new lyric video that will have everyone daydreaming of wide open spaces and summer love.

“’Somewhere Wild & Free’ is a song about moments that take your breath away. The inspiration came from a photoshoot I recently did that had few of those moments, and I wanted to capture that feeling in words, so that others could identify. Everyone should experience those kind of moments at least once in their life,” the artist explains.

Thornell definitely achieved her goal, as the song reminds listeners of that “16, standing by the train tracks…” feeling. The lyric video captures the song’s meaning quite perfectly, too. With shots of the wind blowing through the trees in the countryside, flowing creeks and inviting fields, viewers are easily transported to a place in time when life was carefree.

“When it came to creating the lyric video, I wanted something simple and beautiful. I wanted to watch the video and feel like I was actually somewhere wild and free. I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out and I genuinely believe my listeners will love it as much as I do,” shared Thornell.

Here it is, the debut lyric video for “Somewhere Wild & Free” below!

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