Eric Church Shares Admiration For His Wife, Katherine

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Country music star Eric Church admits that he's no saint, but his wife Katherine loves him unconditionally. More on the couple's love, here!

Country music artist Eric Church has some rough edges, but his wife of ten years, Katherine Blasingame Church, has the ability to see past his imperfections.

“True love to me is when you love a person in spite of all their fallibilities, and for me, I have a lot of ‘em. I’m definitely at times hard to love, and that’s what’s great about Katherine and the way she loves me. She loves me in spite of those things and really for those things,” Church shared with NASH Prep.

The couple celebrated their milestone tenth wedding anniversary on January 8th, 2008. Interestingly enough, Katherine’s background as a Nashville music publisher probably helps the couple’s relationship.

“She was trying to hook me up to write with one of her writers that she represented, that was how we met,” Church told Taste of Country about when they first met “It’s great now, because being a publisher and being somebody in the industry, I can bounce songs off of her, and she has the knowledge, you know, to be kind of that sounding board of what I should cut and what I shouldn’t cut. So, she’s one of those in the inner circle that I run a lot of stuff by.”

The pair are proud parents of 6-year-old Boone McCoy Church and almost 3-year-old Tennessee Hawkins “Hawk” Church. Besides their shared musical interests and raising their two boys, the married couple also head up The Chief Cares Fund together, which helps underprivileged families in Tennessee, North Carolina, and across the globe.

The North Carolina native’s admission reminds us of his tune “You Make It Look So Easy,” which he wrote for Katherine and performed on their wedding day. Watch Eric perform the song in concert below!

“You Make It Look So Easy” Lyrics 

I got a hard head, I get that from my dad
And I can overreact maybe just a tad
I put up walls to show the world I’m tough
When I don’t get my way I get difficult
But when it comes to lovin’ me
Baby you make it look so easy
You’re my refuge from the road, a safe place to go
When I’m out here livin’ on this ledge
And when I’m circlin’ the drain, you keep my crazy sane
And quiet all the voices in my head
I’m probably wrong, more than I say
And I’d point that out, if you were that way
Yeah, I’m hard to love and ever harder to live with
And I know there’s days, when you just want to up and quit
But when it comes to lovin’ me
Baby you make it look so easy
You’re my compass when I’m lost, my anchor when I get tossed
And the right way when all I can do is wrong
Sometimes I drink till I fall down but your arms save me from the ground
And hold me till all the hurt is gone
I got a hard head, I was born that way
And that makes me wrong more than I say
But I thank God you got a hard head too
I guess he must have known you’d need that to get us through
Cause when it comes to lovin’ me
Baby you make it look so easy
Yeah, baby you, make it look so easy

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