Eric Church Tells all the Stories Behind His Newest Album [WATCH]

Eric Church

photo: YouTube

Eric Church gives fans a unique behind the scenes look at each of his new songs from his album Mr. Misunderstood. Watch here!

Eric Church recently released a brand new album called Mr. Misunderstood. The album is filled with great songwriting from some of the greatest songwriters out today. Church takes great pride in his music and he enjoys telling his fans how it came about.

In a new video series he’s been slowly releasing to YouTube, Eric sits with fellow songwriters and producers to talk about each track on the album. If you’re an Eric Church fan than you will love these intimate behind the scenes videos.

Check out this well made YouTube series below.

Round Here Buzz

Knives of New Orleans

Mixed Drinks About Feelings

Mistress Named Music

Mr. Misunderstood

Kill A Word

Record Year

Three Year Old

It’s great to hear the “behind the scenes” isn’t it? To read more trending news about Eric Church click the big button below. And before you leave, watch the new ACM Video of the Year for Mr. Misunderstood, it’s good.

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