Eric Church’s 5-Year-Old Son Drives a Hard Bargain

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Country music superstar Eric Church's son Boone McCoy Church seems to be following in his father's footsteps. More on the youngster here!

Like his father, country star Eric Church, 5-year-old Boone McCoy Church is a shrewd businessman and doesn’t mess around. While out of the road on the Holdin’ My Own tour, the youngster’s “job” is to help get the tour stop’s selected high school choir into place for the concert’s opening song, “Mistress Named Music,” and then escort them off stage.

Here’s a view of how that stage is constructed at each venue!

It takes a village to build this stage! All of this gear comes to your city in 14 different semi trucks so the Chief can bring you 3 hours and well over 30 songs a night!

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“Boone’s got a radio, he’s got his flashlight, he’s got a little work belt and his pass, he goes in there, and he’ll make sure that the choir’s ready to go,” Church shared during recent radio interview.

As expected, Boone’s help comes at a price. The eldest son of the country hit-maker and wife Katherine Blasingame Church made a move to increase his pay just a few weeks into the tour. His reasoning— well, his job is ‘boring’ and the pay was poor. The country star caved and agreed to pay his tenacious son $10 per show.

“I shake his hand, and I’m thinking, ‘Good God, I just got hustled.’ And as he’s walking away,” Church recalled, “he goes, ‘That’s $30 for the weekend, right?’”

Okay, that kid has some guts— he should help his father go after ticket scalpers next.

On that subject matter, Eric Church and his team continue their battle against sophisticated professional scalpers.

“It’s my ticket. It’s my show. Just like any product. I’m a product. I get to set the price,” Church told CBS This Morning, explaining, “I want that that person who paid for that first show to be able to afford this show. And we set the ticket price thinking about that.”

While the star admits that his team may not thwart every scalper, they are putting up a good fight.
“We will make your lives harder to buy our ticket. We’re going to make your life hell. So if you’re gonna scalp, go to the next guy,” Church declared.
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