Eric Church Sets Release for ’61 Days in Church’ Collection

61 days in church

photo: Eric Church Facebook

Want physical copies of Eric Church's ambitious '61 Days in Church' project? Check out the details right here and learn about the process!

61 Days in Church is a huge collection of live recordings by country music’s Eric Church. Although all the songs are currently available to stream on Apple music, there are no physical copies available. However, the country singer recently announced this is about to change, due to the large number of fan requests. This Friday, October 27th, the epic process of releasing 61 Days in Church begins. On top of the huge 15-LP box set, fans who purchase this package will also receive an Eric Church tour book plus a fancy poster.

The first delivery will come on December 15th, when fans can collect their tour book, poster and the first three LP’s. On these discs, there will even be some live recordings from Church’s tour this year! Sadly, fans will have to wait a couple more weeks after that to start receiving their last 12 records. Beginning in January, Eric Church will send out one of the 12 remaining vinyls each month, to each fan who purchased the package. Luckily, die-hard Eric Church fans, who are a member of the Church Choir fan club, will be rewarded for their patience. These special fans will obtain a free t-shirt with their purchase of the 61 Days in Church box set.

Hopefully you have got some spending money saved up though because this unique package will cost you a pretty penny. With a starting price of $445 dollars, plus shipping, this package is meant for only the biggest Eric Church fans! Although, considering the time of year, you may be able to add this to your Christmas wishlist.

The country star even posted the big announcement on his Instagram page. Watch his short video clip he posted below!

Don’t forget that the pre-order begins this Friday for the Eric Church 61 Days in Church box set! For more details, check out Church’s official website. In the meantime, be sure to check out Eric Church’s new music video for his track “Round Here Buzz.”

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