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Country music fans love "Livin' the Dream" singer, Drake White. His rise in popularity has not gone unnoticed by the fans. How well do you know him? Take this quick quiz to find out!

Drake White’s album, released last summer, got his name buzzing around Country music fans. The fans can’t get enough of him. Think you know Drake White? Find out below! Don’t forget to check the bottom of the page for answers. Good luck!




1. What is the name of the album, mentioned above, that Drake White released last summer?

a.) Spark
b.) Flame
c.) Fire
d.) Match


2. Where is he from?

a.) Alabama
b.) Missouri
c.) Texas
d.) Georgia


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3. How old is Drake White?

a.) 27
b.) 38
c.) 34
d.) 42


4. Is Drake married?

a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) He’s engaged
d.) He used to be


5. Which animals can be seen in White’s “Livin the Dream” music video?

a.) Dog and cat
b.) Cat and squirrel
c.) Dog and butterfly
d.) Butterfly and lion


6. Does White have kids?

a.) No
b.) Yes
c.) Kids and step kids
d.) Maybe


7. What unusual career did White’s mother work?

a.) In-house restaurant
b.) In-house hotel
c.) In-house barber shop
d.) In-house school


8. Drake white performed a remix of his song “Making Me Look Good Again” in a different genre. What genre?

a.) Rap
b.) Reggae
c.) Jazz
d.) Classical



9. Where does Drake often volunteer?

a.) A food bank
b.) A local school
c.) A local hospital
d.) A local restaurant


10. T or F – Drake White has a beard

a.) True
b.) False


Answer Key:


1. A.

  • Spark was released on August 19, 2016.

2. A.

  • Drake White is from a small town named Hokes Bluff, Alabama.

3. C.

  • White is 34 years old.

4. A.

  • Yes, White is married. He and his beautiful wife, Alex, were married in an outdoor wedding in the summer of 2014.

5. C.

  • Both a dog and an butterfly can be seen in the video. An orange Ford truck and an American flag are other objects seen in the video.

6. A.

  • No. Drake White does not have any children yet, but he and his wife say they plan to start their family soon. How cute!

7. C.

  • White’s mother ran an in-house barber shop. Drake helped his mother by talking to the customers while they waited for their haircut.

8. B.

  • White is a big fan of Bob Marley, so he made a reggae remix of the song.

9. A.

  • Drake often volunteers at a local food bank. How nice!

10. A.

  • True. Drake White looks very stylish with his beard.

Watch this one minute interview to learn even more about Country singer Drake White.

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