Dolly Parton Makes Surprise Visit to Hometown Senior Center

dolly parton senior center

photo: Dolly Parton Website

Country music singer-songwriter Dolly Parton turned up at the 'My People Senior Activity Center' for a good reason! More here.

On Monday, country music legend Dolly Parton made a very special visit to her hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee for a dedication ceremony at the local senior center. The ‘My People Senior Activity Center’ was re-named in honor of the superstar’s late parents, Robert Lee and Avie Lee Parton.

Before participating in the ceremony, Parton toured the building which houses spaces for multiple activities such as woodworking, exercise classes, and quilting. The center’s goal is to help keep seniors active and allow for plenty of socializing. Yes, Dolly even joined in on an exercise class while she was there…

“I am so excited to be part of this today. Of course, you know I’m a senior too. When I was over in Sevier County High School, I couldn’t wait to be a senior, and now that I’m in my second childhood, I’m a senior again,” Parton joked with the audience gathered for the event. “Anyways, I saw one of my old boyfriends from high school. He said, ‘Dolly, you look like a million dollars.’ I said, ‘Well, thank you. That’s just about how much it’s cost to make me look like this.’”

“I’m proud to be a senior citizen,” the artist added. “Of course, we all wish we could stay 30 forever, but we can’t, so I think it’s important that we stay active, we stay with a good attitude and get out and stay involved, make friends and be whatever, and I think being a part of this whole thing is really great, and it is my pleasure to dedicate this to my people.”

Parton continued: “Now of course, when I started Dollywood and the employees there, I thought of them as my family, and they became my people, and of course when we … actually got involved in the fires up here in the heart of the Smokies. We call that My People, so I was just thinking, you know, I’m looking out at you, and I think you are, all of you, you’re my people, and this is great, and I’m so proud and so honoured that I’m a Smoky Mountain girl, and I’m so proud of my home, and I’m so proud of my family.”

What a great way to give back to her community. Keep up the good work, Dolly! Be sure to share this news with other fans of the star.

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