Dixie Chicks Get Political and Deface Donald Trump

Dixie Chicks Get Political and Deface Donald Trump

photo: YouTube

The Dixie Chicks are not shy about their dislike for Donald Trump and defaced an image of Trump on the big screen of their concert.

The Dixie Chicks showed the following photo of Trump with a devilish mustache, goatee and horns as a large backdrop on the big screen during the kickoff of the American leg of their 2016 World Tour.

The Trump devil image was displayed while the Dixie Chicks played their hit song “Goodbye Earl” that is about a woman who kills her abusive husband. The concert took place on Wednesday (June 1) in Cincinnati, Ohio. The group is performing a summer-long trek across America, Europe, and Canada.

It appears that the Dixie Chicks are living their song “Not Ready to Make Nice” per the following music video:

The group paid a price in fans and popularity when they insulted George Bush back in 2003.   Looks like the Dixie Chicks enjoy their 1st amendment rights and are not afraid to mix politics with their current concert tour.

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