Diplo Heartless with Thomas Wesley and Morgan Wallen

Diiplo Heartless ft Morgan Wallen

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Enjoy watching the Diplo "Heartless" music video with Thomas Wesley and featuring Morgan Wallen here...

The Diplo Heartless song with Thomas Wesley and Morgan Wallen was released in 2019.  Watch the official music video, see the lyric video, and check out the lyrics below.

Diplo presents: Thomas Wesley – Heartless ft. Morgan Wallen (Official Music Video)

Diplo Heartless Lyric Video with Thomas Wesley and Morgan Wallen

Diplo Heartless Lyrics

So heartless
Say you goin’ out late
I count down ’til you call me
It’s just one of those things
That you do when you’re lonely
And you’re all about the chase
But you won’t ever let me catch you
And I wish I was the same
But I know I’m gonna let you
Win again and when I do
It’s gonna hurt like Hell
And you don’t mean to
That’s what I tell myself
But why you gotta be so heartless?
I know you think it’s harmless
You’re tearing me apart and
Girl, the hardest part is
You’re so high on attention
You’re taking miles from inches
Leave me in the darkness
Never finish what we started
Girl, why you gotta be so heartless?
Why you gotta be so heartless?
Look, Monday night was definitely not our night
Tuesday night was just another fight
Wednesday, I…

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