Dierks Bentley Scores #1 with “Black”! [VIDEO]

Dierks Bentley Black is #1

photo: Dierks Bentley Facebook

The highly personal song “Black” from Dierks Bentley will be the third #1 song from the album ‘Black’ which was released one year ago.

Black, the eighth studio album from Dierks Bentley, has had another #1 song hit the country music charts. “Black”, from the album by the same title, follows “Somewhere On A Beach” and “Different For Girls” in reaching the #1 position on the chart and gives Bentley his 16th #1 song.

“‘Every single we’ve put out this year has been a really important piece of the story of this album, but ‘Black’ is the one that’s really the cornerstone of the whole project, and it’s about my wife. Watching this one rise to the top of the chart is extra sweet,” said Bentley in a press release.

Before Bentley’s wife Cassidy took his last name her last name was “Black”, which is where the album and song title came from. The song “Black” describes the passion Bentley feels for his wife, making the single one of his most personal songs to date.

“I wrote that song, “Black,” and it gave me a direction, a sound for the whole album. That just came from one day of writing. I’m just going to keep going back there every day and hope to find something that makes it possible” Bentley said in an interview.

The music video for “Black” was shot in Iceland and featured Cassidy “Black” Bentley herself, which apparently almost didn’t happen!

“The most ambitious part of the whole deal was convincing my wife to be in the video,” Bentley told Time. “The fact that she was in the video, that’s a story in and of itself.”

For Cassidy, the decision seemed to be an easy one.

“I was in the kitchen, when (Bentley) sent me this text: ‘I need you to be in this video. It doesn’t make sense to me if you’re not in it,’” Cassidy said.

“We’ve been married for 11 years and have three kids. It’s really nice that he wants me to be in it. It’s lovely.”

Watch the video for the #1 song “Black” below!

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