Dierks Bentley Continues his Polar Bear Challenge Tradition [WATCH]

Dierks Bentley New Years

photo: People.com

Dierks Bentley has jumped in for 14 years now. Looks a little chilly would you say?

Dierks Bentley is a brave guy. Every year for fourteen years, the ever evolving singer and his friends jump into an icy lake in Nashville. It’s a tradition that takes place around New Year’s Eve to help “wash off the old and breathe in the new” Dierks’ friend declares.

Dierks of course went in this year with a captain’s hat and signature aviators on, only removing them to fully dunk his head.

At the end of the short video Dierks says goodbye to 2015 and welcomes 2016 by declaring “it’s gonna be a great year.” Yes it will be Dierks Bentley.

Check out the full polar bear challenge video below to hear all of Bentley’s aviation inspired banter. Would you jump in with him?

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