Dierks Bentley “Black” Music Video Series

Dierks Bentley “Black” Music Video Series

photo: YouTube

Dierks Bentley releases the "Black" music video as the last video in the 4 part series showing the evolving relationships involved in a Love triangle.

The steamy “Black” video series was Directed by Wes Edwards and covers the evolution of a love triangle relationship that is both edgy and erotic.  “Black” follows clips for “I’ll Be the Moon,” “What the Hell Did I Say” and “Pick Up,” that show the story of a woman keeping a secret lover behind the back of her villainous boyfriend.  Dierks titled his album Black as a nod to his wife Cassidy’s maiden name.

We include the prior 3 videos in the series in case you missed any aspect of the 4 part series.  If you want to watch the story in order, then watch videos 1-3 below and watch “Black” last.

Official Music video for “Black” (Video 4 in the 4 part series):

“I’ll Be the Moon” is video 1 of 4 in the series and features a duet with Maren Morris. That first video begins the story of the scorching love triangle.


“What the Hell Did I Say is Video 2 of 4 in the series and is all about the lover role in the love triangle:

“Pick Up” is the 3 of 4 videos in the series continues the story with the jilted boyfriend showing his villainous side.


It is not often that you see an artist release a 4 part video series telling an evolving story across each song and video.  The entire series was filmed in black and white adding some visual drama to the love triangle story.


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