Devin Dawson’s Bluebird Café Debut Attracts Surprise Guest, Ed Sheeran

devin dawson bluebird cafe

photo: Warner Music Nashville Instagram

Country music singer-songwriter Devin Dawson's first Bluebird Café event included international hit-maker Ed Sheeran! More here.

Country music artist Devin Dawson invited his “I Can’t Trust Myself Alone With You” duet partner Jillian Jacqueline, former Evanescence vocalist, co-writer on “Placebo” and multiple award-winning artist David Hodges and British singer-songwriter Amy Wadge to join him during Bluebird Café debut on Tuesday night.

“Last night I played The Bluebird Cafe for the first time,” Dawson reflected in a statement. “For a guy who has revered Nashville, Country Music, & Songwriting for so long, this was such a HUGE moment for me. I was surrounded by the people I love and admire and we poured our hearts and souls out like only the Bluebird’s atmosphere would allow. We told stories, played songs people recognized and also surprised everyone with songs (and guests) they might not have been expecting. The imperfections were perfect and the vibe was truly abundant. Thank you so much to The Bluebird Cafe & my Nashville family for yet another reminder that I am indeed in the right place at the right time. What a surreal night I will never forget!”

Wadge has penned several pop hits, including the Grammy-winning “Thinking Out Loud.” The track was cut by her international pop superstar co-writer Ed Sheeran, who just so happened to be sitting in the audience and joined Wadge in the round for a performance of the song.

Watch their unexpected performance below!

That’s right, THE Ed Sheeran skipped out on the 2018 American Music Awards to make Dawson’s event in Music City. Umm, how awesome is that?!

Congrats to Devin on making his big debut at the famous Bluebird Café! Share this news with other fans! 

“Asking For A Friend” Lyrics

Hey I was just wondering if anyone was sitting here
And if not, would it be okay if someone bought you a beer?
Let’s say that someone wanted to dance
Would he have any snowball in hell of a chance
To get you out on the floor before this slow song ends?
Oh hey, I’m just asking for a friend
He ain’t ever been any good at laying it all out on the line
I swear down deep, believe me girl, he’s a really good guy
If you can find it in your heart just to cut him some slack
He’ll be Johnny-on-the-spot here in two seconds flat
Yeah, he’s holding his breath, come on give him a second with you
Oh hey
Yeah what do you say?
It’s Friday night and you’re beautiful, so beautiful
What man wouldn’t think you were the love of his life?
He’d be a fool, he’d be a fool
Just one drink would sure mean a lot to him
Yeah, I’m just asking for a friend
Let’s say this friend of mine went and messed up real bad
And he’d do anything in this world, girl, to get you back
Hey what kind of sorry would it take for a man to erase his worst mistake
And would this even begin to make a dent?
Oh hey
What do you say?
It’s Friday night and you’re beautiful, so beautiful
What man wouldn’t think you were the love of his life?
He’d be a fool, he’d be a fool
I don’t mean to ramble on like this
Hey, I’m just asking for a friend
Yeah, what if I told you he hadn’t slept in weeks?
And he was standing right here in front of you instead of me
Is there any way you could ever love him again?
Just asking for a friend

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