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Craig Campbell's popularity in the Country music genre has steadily increased. How well do you know him! Take this quick quiz to find out!

Now that Craig Campbell is so popular, the internet is full of information about him. Think you know Craig? Find out below! Be sure to check the bottom of the page for answers. Good luck!


Craig Campbell Questions:

1. How old is Campbell?

a.) 40
b.) 34
c.) 29
d.) 41

2. Where was Craig Campbell born?

a.) Missouri
b.) Illinois
c.) Nebraska
d.) Georgia

3. In 2016, Campbell performed The Star Spangled Banner, prior to the game, for which NFL team?

a.) Kansas City Chiefs
b.) Oakland Raiders
c.) Jacksonville Jaguars
d.) Denver Broncos

4. Which other Country music star did he move to Nashville, Tennessee with at the age of 23?

a.) Taylor Swift
b.) Luke Bryan
c.) Brett Young
d.) Chris Janson

5. Who influenced Campbell to write his song “Outskirts of Heaven”?

a.) Luke Bryan
b.) His daughter
c.) His wife
d.) His mother

6. Which type of wildlife has Campbell named one of his songs after?

a.) Bison
b.) Deer
c.) Fish
d.) Duck

7. Campbell performed shows for the U.S. military in Afghanistan. Which famous actress performed alongside him?

a.) Jennifer Lawrence
b.) Scarlett Johansson
c.) Selena Gomez
d.) Kate Hudson

8. Campbell’s song “Stronger Than That” was written to benefit which type of research?

a.) Cancer
b.) Sports
c.) Wildlife
d.) Agricultural

9. What is Craig Campbell’s favorite sports team?

a.) New England Patriots
b.) St. Louis Cardinals
c.) Cleveland Cavaliers
d.) Atlanta Falcons

10. He enjoys hunting. Which animal does Craig prefer to hunt?

a.) Duck
b.) Squirrel
c.) White-tailed deer
d.) Moose


Craig Campbell Answer Key:

1. A

  • Craig’s birthday is February 10, 1979

2. D

  • He was born in Lyons, Georgia in the year 1979

3. D

  • Denver Broncos

4. B

  • Luke Bryan

5. C

  • His wife convinced him to write the song, despite the criticism he would receive for writing a song about heaven

6. C

  • Fish

7. B

  • Scarlett Johansson

8. A

  • Colorectal Cancer

9. D

  • The Atlanta Falcons

10. C

  • White-tailed deer

Watch Craig’s “Behind the Campbell’s Curtain video below.

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