Country Rap: Twang and Round’s “All Wired Up”

Country Rap:   Twang and Round’s “All Wired Up”

photo: YouTube

Check out the Country Rap music video for Twang and Round's "All Wired Up"

This is a catchy Country Rap tune. ¬†Watch the official music video for “All Wired Up” and check out the main chorus lyrics below:


The main chorus of this song is catchy . . .

All Wired Up Lyrics

I got my seat set low
with my truck check the power
It’s the only way I know
That I’m really Still Alive
Eyes barely showing
Blowing smoke to the sky
I’m all wired up
Wide open all night…laid back
All I know
Destination unknown
Ridin high..seats low..wood grain
Console..headlights…high drinkin…

photo: YouTube
Twang and Round appear to have lots of fun making Country Rap music.

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