Country Rap: Knuckles Cowboy Boots and Shorts

Country Rap:  Knuckles Cowboy Boots and Shorts

photo: YouTube

Mid West Country Rapper Knuckles released "Cowboy Boots and Shorts" in 2015.

Steven “Knuckles” Nuckolls was born in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and grew up in Lawton spending time between his parents’ home in the trailer park and his grandma’s house on the south side. He has been rapping since his early teens and wrote several songs while in prison serving time on a drug related charge. ¬† Watch his official music video for “Cowboy Boots and Shorts”:

Cowboy Boots and Shorts is a fashion statement in parts of this world and this is a fun song to the Country Rap lifestyle.  Nothing like a ride in a boat with some cowboy boots and shorts on a nice summer day.

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