Country Rap: Bottleneck Top Hick Hop Music Videos

Country Rap:  Bottleneck Top Hick Hop Music Videos

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Bottleneck is a Country Rap band from Florida and has released several Country Rap songs.

Bottleneck is a band focused on Country rap as a subgenre of popular music blending country music with hip hop-style rapping, also known as hick-hop or rural rap.   Bottleneck (Jacky Strickland) was born in Jacksonville FL and moved to the small town of Callahan FL at a young age.  With a wife and children, things changed when the mill Jacky worked for closed and he needed a new way to support his family.  Country Rap music became his savior focus.  Watch some of the top Country Rap music videos from Bottleneck below:

Bottleneck “Homegrown Country Folks”

This music video features plenty of 4 Wheel drive trucks, moonshine, the Confederate flag, and how to throw a back woods party.

Bottleneck “Dirt Road Soldiers”

This song goes out to all the dirt road soldiers that grew up knowing what a Dirt road soldier is all about . . .

Bottleneck “I Might Be a Redneck” featuring Jawga Boyz

This song is track three off the NEW Bottleneck full length album “Country for Life”

Bottleneck “Party Down South” featuring Demun Jones

This music video demonstrates how to party hard in the the South . . .

Hope you enjoyed some Bottleneck!


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