Country Goes Pop with Kelleigh Bannen

Country Goes Pop with Kelleigh Bannen


Upcoming singer Kelleigh Bannen is a country girl at heart, but she enjoys singing covers of hit pop songs in her free time.

Kelleigh Bannen began her music career in 2008, but is just recently getting the attention she deserves.  Though her passion is in country music, her songwriting embraces country twang to tell stories and even has a little bit of a pop music feel!  She most recently released a song titled “Cheap Sunglasses” in June, which is the perfect summer jam that intermixes pop and country.  Bannen’s popularity is starting to rise quickly with her country charm, but sometimes she likes to mix things up.

On her Youtube channel, Bannen has videos categorized as Acoustic Covers.  These covers are often of popular country songs, but she also shows a different side, covering recent pop songs heard on the radio from artists like Justin Bieber.  Though she sings a completely different style of music, Kelleigh Bannen uses the acoustic guitar to have some fun with pop songs.

Kelleigh Bannen sings her acoustic cover of “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, adding her own country feel to the music.  Slowing down the typical beat, Bannen shows the emotion of the song with her natural and powerful voice.


Bannen sings her acoustic cover of “Let It Go” by James Bay.  This song is usually on an electric guitar, but the acoustic guitar gives this pop song a more country sound.


She sings her cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”  Incorporating a larger band for this acoustic cover, her powerful vocals overpower the three guitars and drums.  This song tells a story, which much of Kelleigh Bannen’s songs do as well, and she performs it well with her own musical and vocal changes.


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