Connie Smith “I’ll Come Running” Music Video & Lyrics

Connie Smith

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Connie Smith "I'll Come Running" was the first single she penned completely solo.

Country music maven Connie Smith released “I’ll Come Running” in February 1967. The single was the first song that Smith ever wrote fully on her own, and was featured on her Best of Connie Smith album that was released in September of that same year.

Watch Connie Smith perform “I’ll Come Running” below!

“I’ll Come Running” Lyrics

If you ever want somebody to love
If you ever get to feeling blue
If you ever want a little company
Then I’ll come running to you
It’s been so long since I held you tight
But I still dream about you darling every night
I don’t care who was wrong or who was right
I’ll come running to you
Now all my love belongs to you
That’s just the way that I feel
And if you’d give me the least little chance
I’d show you my love is really real
Well I’m not a bit ashamed to sit here and wait
If that’s all what I’ve got to do
Yeah I’ll be around if your new love turns you down
And I’ll come running to you

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