Cole Swindell Returns to High School for New Music Video

Cole Swindell Returns to High School for New Music Video

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Country music singer Cole Swindell does some reminiscing in his music video for “The Ones Who Got Me Here” from his upcoming album.

Cole Swindell has released a touching music video for his song titled “The Ones Who Got Me Here” and takes his fans back to his high school Terrell Academy in Dawson, Georgia.

The video opens with Swindell pulling up to the school football field and parking his truck on the track. The camera then follows him as he sings and walks through the grounds that he grew up as a student on.

With lines like “All the haters, all the lovers, All the friends that are more like brothers” Swindell weaves the listener through a memory of growing up that we can all relate to.

“The Ones That Got Me Here” is from the upcoming album titled All Of It which will be available to fans on August 17th of this year. The album is sure to be the best yet from Swindell as he digs deeper than the usual party songs like “Chillin’ It” that he is known for.

Cole recently opened up about the inspiration behind the retrospective single that inspired the high school music video.

“I started talking about the people who raised me, the people who got me through high school, college and the ones who moved me to Nashville. The people that didn’t believe in me were just as important as those who did because that motivated me. I think we can all relate to a song like this because no matter where you are in life someone helped you get there. Somebody pushed you whether they were behind you, supporting you or doubting you. I’ve always wanted to write a song like this, a song for everybody that has loved me way before I had ‘Chillin’ It’ out or heard my name first when ‘Chillin’ It’ did come out. Those folks have all been behind me for years and I’ve always wanted to put out a song they could call theirs and this is going to be it,” Swindell recounted.

In total, three songs have been released from the upcoming third studio album which include “The Ones That Got Me Here”, “Somebody’s Been Drinkin’”, and “Break Up In The End”. From the photo below it’s clear that Swindell is very excited about hitting the road to play the new material for his fans.

Ready for festival season.

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You can check out his newest music video below!

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