Exclusive Premiere: Cole Bradley Drops High-Energy, “What We’ll Get Into”

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photo: c/o Cole Bradley

Country music singer-songwriter Cole Bradley makes a big splash with his carefree new jam, "What We'll Get Into." Listen to it here!

Canadian country music singer-songwriter Cole Bradley grew up listening to the likes of country music hit-makers Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw. Since developing his own distinct sound, Cole has fostered a passion for performing and sharing his upbeat music with others. Whether he is belting out a rockin’ party anthem or a heartfelt ballad, he is able to captivate fans of all ages with his sense of humor, warmth, and honest songwriting.

While chasing his dreams, Bradley has opened for various country music entertainers including Thomas Rhett, High Valley, Chad Brownlee, and Brett Kissel. Now based in Nashville, the emerging artist has continued to work on the craft of songwriting while playing at local venues including the historic Bluebird Cafe where he made his debut in September 2017 and played again in February.

Enjoy the exclusive premiere Cole Bradley’s dynamic brand new single “What We’ll Get Into” below!

Isn’t this track just the perfect summer jam? Makes you want drive a little bit too fast down some gravel roads with the windows down and the stereo blasting. We have a feeling that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Cole down the line.

Country Fancast was able to catch up with the rising star and get some extra insight into what makes him tick. Check out the full interview below!

1) Country Fancast: “How would you describe your recent transition from Canada to Nashville, Tennessee?”

Cole Bradley: “Moving to Nashville has been incredible, it’s really opened my eyes to the country music industry. Coming from Western Canada, Nashville feels like an entirely different world. The culture, the weather, and being a ‘small fish in a large pond’ in the music business has been shocking and at times challenging. But the best part is that I’ve met some of the kindest people here and I love how everyone in the music community is so collaborative. There is so much amazing talent here that it makes me want to work harder every day and push myself to new heights.”

2) CF: “What has opening for country music artists such as Thomas Rhett, High Valley, Chad Brownlee, and Brett Kissel, taught you as a performer?”

CB: “I’ve been very fortunate to open for incredible acts over the past couple years and while their talent and work ethic is truly incredible, the thing that is most admirable is what great human beings these people are. I believe all these artists have had tremendous success in North America not only because they are exceptional talents, but also because of their professionalism and the way they treat people. These artists remind me that being a good person is the most important quality in life.”

3) CF: “Do you have a favorite place to play live in Music City right now?”

CB: “I love how Nashville offers so many great venues for artists to perform at, but my favourite has to be The Bluebird Cafe. I’ve been very fortunate to have played there twice in the past six months. The history of the Bluebird is astonishing and to have the opportunity to play the same stage as so many of my heroes before me (Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, etc. ) is something that will stick with me for as long as I live. Playing this venue is a ‘story for my future grandkids.'”

4) CF: “If you could play ‘song swap’ with any past or present country music artist, who would you choose?”

CB: “Oh man, this is a great question. Although, I have so many artists I would do a ‘song swap’ with, Kenny Chesney would have to be at the top. In my opinion, Kenny’s songs connect to so many different people in many different ways. Whether he’s belting out a beach anthem or a sentimental ballad, Kenny’s music has the power to make people ‘feel’ something. And that’s why I started a career in country music. I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish I wrote songs like ‘The Good Stuff’ or ‘I Go Back’ as these are two of my favourite songs in country music.”

5) CF: “What inspired your new single, “What We’ll Get Into”?”

CB: “This is a true story of a couple years back when I started dating this girl. I wrote this song about how it feels to jump into a relationship and just click with that person right away. This song describes the ‘honeymoon phase’, right at the beginning of any relationship when there are no worries or drama, etc. Everybody’s been there, it’s crazy, chaotic, fun and nothing else matters. I had such a blast writing this song with my fellow co-writers and working on such a fun and exciting story.”

6) CF: “Where do you do your best creative brainstorming and songwriting?”

CB: “For me, songwriting is all about inspiration. Whenever I’m inspired, that is when I do my best writing. In terms of place, I prefer to write in places where I’m most comfortable and can be myself. Whether it’s by the lake on the dock or in my living room, a place where I can get into a different or unique headspace is where I like to write my songs.”

7) CF: “Do you have any advice to share with other country music hopefuls looking to break into the Nashville scene?”

CB: “If I had any advice for those looking to break into this industry it would be, ‘Take care of the music, and the music will take care of you.’ I heard this quote three years ago from a mentor of mine who is a phenomenal bass player here in town and it hasn’t left my mind since. Sometimes it’s tricky for artists in this industry as they spend so much time worrying about the business that they forget about or lose sight of the music. If you have great songs, an awesome live show and you believe in the story you’re telling, then I believe the rest will sort itself out.”

8) CF: “Which events on your 2018 schedule are you most excited about?”

CB: “We’ve been working on this ‘new’ project for almost two years now so I’m so excited to finally be sharing all these songs with my fans. There’s going to be some super fun events coming up over the next few months, so make sure that ya’ll head to my social media accounts (@playitcole) for all the upcoming announcements. We’re planning some great festival slots over the summer that unfortunately I can’t release just yet as we’re finalizing all the details. Ultimately, I can hardly wait to get back on stage over the summer and share all these new songs with all the amazing country music fans around North America. Being on stage, singing my stories and meeting new people is why I play music and I can’t wait to do it again soon. The summer ends with a big bash at the Bluebird Cafe on my 21st birthday in September.”

Keep Cole on your musical radar and share “What We’ll Get Into” with other country fans!

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