Clint Black Walkin’ Away (Music Video and Lyrics)

Clint Black Walkin' Away

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The Clint Black Walkin’ Away song was released in February 1990 as the fourth single from his album, Killin’ Time. This song was his fourth consecutive number-one hit on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart starting May 19, 1990.   This heart-wrenching ballad showcases Black’s signature storytelling ability and heartfelt delivery. With its relatable lyrics and soul-stirring melody, “Walkin’ Away” continues to touch the hearts of country music enthusiasts around the world.

“Walkin’ Away” draws the listener in with its poignant lyrics that explore the pain of a crumbling relationship. Black’s masterful songwriting paints a vivid picture of a love on the brink of collapse where he decides to find a better and more healthy relationship to move forward with.  Watch the official music video and see the written lyrics below.

Clint Black Walkin’ Away Music Video

The song taps into universal experiences of heartbreak and the difficult decision to end a relationship, making it relatable to anyone who has ever faced such a situation. It serves as a cathartic outlet, allowing listeners to connect with their own emotions and find solace in the music.  This song was co-written by Clint Black and Hayden Nicholas.

Clint Black Walkin’ Away Lyrics

Walkin’ away I saw a side of you
That I knew was there all along
And that someday I’d say goodbye to you
‘Cause one right can still make two wrong
Not for each other, not from the start
The difference was day and night
My finest hour spent here with you in the dark
Was just before I saw the light
It’s the people who want love and the people who need love
Who find love on the way
I’ll be lookin’ for someone ’til I find the right one
Then I won’t be walkin away
Now that I know what I’m tryin’ to find
There’s only one place it could be
So I’m lookin’ ahead, I’ve stopped lookin’ behind
For someone who’s lookin’ for me

“Walkin’ Away” remains an iconic country ballad that resonates with listeners even decades after its release. Its heartfelt lyrics, emotional resonance, and musical brilliance combine to create a truly unforgettable song. As country music continues to evolve, timeless classics like “Walkin’ Away” serve as a reminder of the genre’s ability to capture the essence of human emotions and tell stories that stand the test of time.  Remember to “share” the Clint Black Walkin’ Away music video with other Country Music fans.

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