Chris Stapleton performs “Parachute” at the 2016 CMT Awards

Chris Stapleton performs “Parachute” at the 2016 CMT Awards

photo: YouTube CMT Awards

Chris Stapleton performed his most recent single "Parachute," at the 2016 CMT Awards, Parachute is his third release off of his Grammy-winning album, Traveller.

“Parachute” is another hit for Stapleton, and achieved the Top 50 on both the U.S. and Canadian country charts.  Here is the official music video for “Parachute” and we included the lyrics and a link to the live CMT Award performance below:

Check out the lyrics to “Parachute”:

Street lights along the highway
Throwing shadows in the dark
And the memories keep on turning
To the rhythm of a broken heart

You only need a roof when it’s raining
You only need a fire when it’s cold
You only need a drink when the whiskey
Is the only thing you have left to hold
Sun comes up and goes back down
And falling feels like flying till you hit the ground
Say the word and I’ll be there for you
Baby, I will be your parachute

There’s a song that I remember
I never learned to play
And a lifetime of forgotten words
I never got to say


If you think you’re going down
Just know I will be around

Stapleton, won the Breakthrough Video of the Year honor earlier in the evening at the 2016 CMT Awards. For his CMT Perforance, he was joined on the stage by his usual touring band including his wife Morgane and supporting harmonica player Mickey Raphael. Producer Dave Cobb and multi-instrumentalist Robby Turner.

Stapleton will remain n Tennessee and will perform on the Nissan Stadium stage on Friday, June 10th and perform on Saturday at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.

You may check out the live performance of “Parachute” by clicking here.

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