Chris Stapleton Opens for Guns N’ Roses in Nashville [Video]

chris stapleton and wife morgane stapleton

photo: Becky Fluke

Chris Stapleton just reached next-level cool.

Country music phenom Chris Stapleton and wife Morgane opened for Guns N’ Roses during their Not in This Lifetime tour stop in Music City. The results were epic— check out the video of Chris and Morgane on stage belting out “You Are My Sunshine” below.

“When I was a kid, if you’d have told me I’d be up here playing before Guns N’ Roses, I’d have called you a liar,” Stapleton told the crowd according to Rolling Stone Country.

After the performance, Stapleton got to meet his childhood musical hero— Axl Rose.

“He was great. Very polite and gracious and we got to say hi for a few minutes. I’m sure he was tired and had to go get cleaned up before the buses or planes rolled out, but he was a gentleman and we had a brief conversation about music and both went on our way. It was a good night,” Stapleton disclosed to the media outlet.

“You’re standing up there looking at all their stuff and you watch their set after and it’s just a remarkable thing,” he mused. “It was one of those moments where you get to be a kid again.”

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