Chris Stapleton Might Collab with Justin Timberlake Again

Chris Stapleton Might Collab with Justin Timberlake Again

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Chris Stapleton recently hinted at the possibility of more collaborations with pop artist Justin Timberlake in the future.

Country star Chris Stapleton is no stranger to pop collaborations with Justin Timberlake.  Stapleton is continually rising in popularity since the start of his journey to stardom, and not just because of his incredible beard. His first three studio albums produced radio hits and his fan base grew. But he gained a whole other slew of fans from a completely different genre when he released a duet with pop artist Justin Timberlake. Now, there’s talk about more collaborations together.

“Say Something” gave listeners a bit of country jazz mixed with acoustic guitar and radio-pop beats. It produced a completely new sound that isn’t always heard on the radio, and fans responded well to it. In fact, the track won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Check out the music video here:

The song brings together an unlikely duo. How many times can you say you’ve seen Justin Timberlake playing a guitar? Exactly. However, it paid off for both artists as they gained a whole new set of followers. It opened up the country music genre to pop music fans.

Recently, Stapleton talked about potentially working with Justin Timberlake more in the future.

“We were talking about something earlier today,” Stapleton said backstage during CMA Fest 2018, according to The Boot. “We just have fun. It looks like the odd couple to most people, but we have a lot of the same musical influences: old R&B and soul music and things like that. We just enjoy hanging out.”

It’s always a pleasure when we get to play tunes together, my friend. Honored! @chrisstapleton

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The musical partners first performed together at the 2015 CMA Awards with “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Drink You Away.” After that, the bond grew and they continued working together on a number of things. Stapleton and his wife, Morgane, joined Timberlake for his headlining set in 2017 at the Pilgrimage Festival.

Always a pleasure @justintimberlake, thanks for having us. 📷 by @andybarron

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While the two haven’t made plans for an album or some type of collaboration yet, Stapleton says they still have a good time writing music and performing together.

“There will probably always be music being made, whether it’s writing or talking about music or playing music for each other,” he added, according to The Boot. “We’re both at a phase in our life where we want to have fun playing music. That’s why it makes sense.”


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