Watch This Football Team’s Hilarious Luke Bryan Parody

Watch This Football Team’s Hilarious Luke Bryan Parody

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This football team put the best spin on Luke Bryan's hit song.

The Brigham Young University football team wants you to know that punters need love too.

In their hilarious new Luke Bryan parody, the team changes the lyrics to Luke’s hit song, “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day,” to their own version, “Puntin’, Kickin’ and Lovin’ Every Day.”

“If I could make a livin’ of kickin’ up balls / And never worry about returning calls / On the side of the field, waitin’ for my chance to shine,” croons the kicker in the opening line.

The video, taking place in the team’s locker room and on the field, puts the punter in the limelight for a change.

“If you play special teams, you know you never get any love. This is a song dedicated to all specialists.It is also a tribute to Mike Sadler (Michigan State) and Sam Foltz (Nebraska) who left this earth far too early, but leave legacies that will last through eternity. We miss you guys,” the video is captioned.

Who knows, maybe Luke will perform this funny cover at a show of his!

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