Chase Rice “Ready Set Roll” Music Video and Lyrics

Chase Rice “Ready Set Roll” Music Video and Lyrics

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Watch Chase Rice's music video for "Ready Set Roll" that is considered in the "Bro Country" genre of music.

Ready Set Roll” was released in November 2013 as the first single from Chase Rice’s EP album, Ready Set Roll.  Watch the official music video for “Ready Set Roll” and check out the lyrics below:

Chase Rice wrote the “Ready Set Roll” song with Chris DeStefano and Rhett Akins.

Ready Set Roll Lyrics:

Let’s roll
Let’s roll

Damn pretty girl you went done it again
You’ve gone and turned your sexy all the way up to 10
I’ve never seen a side ride seat looking so hot
Baby, you rock, hit the spot like a fireball shot
You’ve got me all high, head spinning around and around
I’m down if you’re down to burn down this town

Ready set let’s roll,
Ready set let’s ride
Get your little fine ass on the step
Shimmy up inside,
Just slide girl by my side girl
Yeah, we can run this town
I can rock your world
We can roll ’em down fog ’em up
Cruise around get stuck pedal to the metal
‘Till the sun comes up
I made a deal with the man on the moon
He’s gonna put in some overtime, we’ve got all night
Ready set let’s roll
Ready set let’s ride
Ready set let’s roll

Where the good years and good times meet
Girl we can rev it up right ’til we overheat
Just forget about the time, get your lips on mine
Gotta kiss you, get to know your smile
On your mark, get set


Ready set let’s ride

You got my heart bum bumping
When I’m pulling up into your drive
Let’s hit it ninety to nothin’,
A couple kids running into the night


Ready set let’s ride
Get your little fine ass on the step
Shimmy up on inside

Yeah we can run this town
You know I’ll rock your world
Let’s roll
Let’s ride
Let’s run this town tonight

Ready… Set… Let’s roll…

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