Chase Rice Just Released “Countdown to Kenny Part 2.” Must Watch!

chase rice

photo: Jon-Paul Bruno/Essential Broadcast Media, LLC

Chase Rice has been on an epic journey with his vocal health! Watch this to see if he makes it to the Kenny Chesney tour!

If you haven’t heard, Chase Rice has been having some vocal cord issues. After years of trying to naturally heal his vocal cords, Chase ultimately had to have surgery to remove a polyp from his larynx.

Chase has been releasing videos that tell this emotional story entitled “Countdown to Kenny.” Because of Chase’s early success, he was asked to open for Kenny Chesney on his Big Revival Tour starting in 2015. Chase is a huge fan of Kenny Chesney and being asked to go on tour with him was one of Chase’s biggest dreams.

But now, with his voice still healing, the question lingers… Will he be ready to perform with Kenny? Watch below to find out!


Part 1:


Part 2:

Chase Rice has 42 episodes of #CR247 on his YouTube channel so click HERE to subscribe and watch his crazy life unfold. For other Chase Rice news click HERE!


Ready Set Roll:

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