Carrie Underwood’s “Little Toy Guns” Co-writer Shares the Story Behind the Song

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The meaning behind the music for the song Little Toy Guns.

Chris DeStefano, one of the co-writers of Carrie Underwood‘s smash hit track “Little Toy Guns” recently revealed how the song and lyrics came to fruition in an interview with the Billboard Country newsletter.

The veteran writer and country songbird had originally planned on naming the song “Wooden Guns” until Underwood outlined a different tone and meaning for the track.

“I brought the ‘Little Toy Guns’ track into the writing session with Carrie and our good friend Hillary Lindsey. All the parts were there, but no song yet,” DeStefano explained.

“Hillary heard this riff I was doing in the verse and thought it could be cool to open up the song with it,” he added. “So after a quick edit, we began writing it.”

After these changes were made, Underwood placed her own creative mark on the collaboration.

“Carrie reacted to it and put a really great spin on it, calling it ‘Little Toy Guns,’ and began to talk about how it could be a story about a girl who hears her parents arguing and how she wishes words didn’t hurt like they do,” he stated. “We all felt very strongly on the subject. One of my favorite lines is from Carrie: ‘Fighting at the drop of a faucet.'”

Besides “Little Toy Guns,” DeStefano also helped pen Underwood’s moving hit “Something in the Water,” which just won top Christian song at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, as well as “Good Girl” and “Somethin’ Bad.”

“It was such an honor to co-write [‘Water’] with Carrie and Brett James,” DeStefano stated. “I have such enormous respect for both of them and to share this award with them is so humbling. I’ve been blessed to be a part of it and to have it affect people as positively as it has.”

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