Flashback: Carrie Underwood’s Knee Sparks Chatter

Flashback:  Carrie Underwood’s Knee Sparks Chatter
File this one under "weird"--- Carrie Underwood's knee draws oodles of attention and gains photo confirmation from Carrie.

Let’s talk Carrie Underwood‘s knee. For real.  Here we take a flashback look to 2018 when Carrie’s knee became an internet sensation.  Usually people are talking about Carrie’s amazingly toned legs and fitness routine— but now people are having fun comparing images of her knee captured during her Sept. 24th Columbia, South Carolina tour stop to the United Kingdom’s Prince George and other notable figures.

Fans are seeing faces in Carrie Underwood’s Knee.  Take a look below!

Carrie Underwood’s Knee Video

Okay, yeah the shadows totally make her knee look like a baby’s face. Of course the internet is having a field day with this— comparing Carrie’s knee to Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort, Kuato from ‘Total Recall’, etc. Personally, we’re seeing those creepy carved children’s faces from the 1999 film “The Haunting.”

When you zoom in to create a close-up of the image, the knee does appear to have some eerie baby face qualities.

Carrie Underwood Knee

The knee situation gained national news attention back in 2018 and here is another photo shot comparing her knee to Prince George:

Carrie Underwood Knee
photo: YouTube
Carrie heard all of the internet buzz and even posted a “self knee” to Instagram confirming that her knee can indeed resemble a baby face.

So there you have it….viral internet buzz confirmed by a Carrie Underwood selfie photo.  Typically, the Country Music superstar is usually gaining attention for her super toned legs, so this current knee obsession is just internet crazy.

Carrie Underwood Legs

While this buzz seemed super outlandish and just odd— we’re sure that Carrie found this all pretty hilarious. She’s a big fan of silly, spooky things… She even spent her last birthday ghost hunting.

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