Carrie Underwood’s Dogs Cutest Moments (Video)

Carrie Underwood's Dogs

photo: Artist Social Media

Enjoy watching Carrie Underwood's Dogs cutest moments in this adorable compilation video of Penny and Ace. . .

Carrie Underwood’s Dogs are both rescue pups and they clearly hit the lottery with their adoption by Carrie and her family.  Watch the video showing the top 10 cutest moments of Penny and Ace and see more details below.

Carrie Underwood’s Dogs Cutest Moments Video

Carrie Underwood’s Dogs are just the right size to go on the tour bus and pretty much go everywhere with Carrie and her family.  Carrie is a big fan of adopting rescue dogs and providing a good forever home to dogs in need.  Both of her pups Penny and Ace were rescue dogs.  The cute pups both go on tour and get a fair amount of their own social media attention.  Ace and Penny have played prominent roles in Carrie’s life.

Carrie and family added a guard dog named “Zero” to the family.  Isaiah named the new family member “Zero” and Mike Fisher joked that any intruder at their house will have “zero” chance of survival.  Here is Zero pictured with Ace and Penny.

Ace, Zero and Penny 

Carrie Underwood Dogs
photo: Artist Social Media
Carrie Underwood and her family moved into their forever home outside of Franklin, Tennessee in 2018.  The property has over 300 acres and is perfect for kids, horses and Carrie’s three dogs.  In an interview with Country LivingCarrie Underwood discussed her desire to put down permanent roots and her dream home requirements.  The “Forever Home” is being planned on a stunning 300-acre + stretch near Nashville (outside of Franklin, TN).  Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, have discussed plans with magazines and also gave Oprah a tour of their property and planted an Oak tree dedicated to Oprah back in 2012.  The new home on the property was completed in 2018 and Carrie and her family moved in.   Watch the video below to discover more about Carrie’s Forever Home property.

Carrie Underwood’s Forever Home Video

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