Carrie Underwood’s Baby Boy Loves Napping With Dad

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher

photo: Frank Micelotta/REX

8-week old baby Isaiah and dad Mike Fisher have a special way to bond.


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Anyone who has had a newborn to take care of knows their major activities consist of crying, eating, sleeping, and giving you plenty of diapers to change. One of the biggest ways to bond with them can be catching some much needed zzzz’s.

And that’s good news for Carrie Underwood‘s husband Mike Fisher, who told The Tennessean newspaper that one of the best parts of fatherhood so far is the naps that he and Isaiah take in his La-Z-Boy recliner.

“You’re just cuddling together,” Fisher said. “Just being together. It’s the best, for sure.”

Since Fisher travels for work — he is on the Nashville Predators — he is that much more amazed at how quickly Isaiah is growing up.

“You come back from eight days, and it’s like, holy cow, he changed so much,” he said. “It’s crazy how fast it goes. You almost want to slow down time a little bit.”

They certianly do grow up fast, however the quiet moments can be rare.

“You almost want to hear him cry to make sure everything’s OK. Too much silence,” he said. “You’re making sure everything’s OK.”

As for Carrie, she is playing the role of mother and supportive wife like the superstar that she is. Recently the Nashville Predators made it to the National Hockey League playoffs, and she showed up completely decked out in cheerleader gear.

Carrie Underwood

photo: c/o Carrie Underwood

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