Carrie Underwood & Luke Bryan Set for Zombie Apocalypse

luke bryan and carrie underwood

photo: c/o Luke Bryan & Carrie Underwood Facebook

Carrie Underwood has a Zombie-slaying dream team...

Yes, your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you— Carrie Underwood was a guest on this week’s Talking Dead, a show that discusses the captivating storyline and character development of AMC’s smash hit The Walking Dead.

The singer detailed her superfan status and promises that she is totally ready if a Zombie outbreak does occur.


“I know what you’re thinking, but I was born to survive the zombie apocalypse,” she expressed to host Chris Hardwick. “My husband bought me this zombie-survival kit for Christmas. I have a machete, I know how to use it. My songs are quite aggressive at times. I’m not afraid. I would know what to do. I was born for this.”


In the case of a Zombie apocalypse, Underwood would recruit Luke Bryan to join her tight-knit survival group. Bryan agreed to join her crew via Twitter and also posted pictures of his impressive personal arsenal. (In any emergency, always look for country people. We always have at minimum a handy pocket knife on us…) 



We imagine Carrie’s husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, would be pretty good at clearing out hoards of the undead— his hockey stick skills would be extremely valuable. Walking Dead spin-off Fear the Walking Dead takes us to Los Angeles— a Nashville-based show would be pretty incredible. Just sayin’.

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