Carrie Underwood Says New Album Will Be Different From Previous Projects

Carrie Underwood shared an adorable photo on Instagram about her new morning routine.

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Carrie Underwood says next album, the first since her 2012 record Blown Away, will have a different sound.

Becoming a new mother changes most people and Carrie Underwood is no exception. She says that her music is going to have a bit of a different sound than her pre-mommy albums.

“There’s definitely a different sound that’s coming together,” Underwood reveals to Country Countdown USA.

“I want everything to have its own space and look different, sound different, feel different. So I’ve been working with another producer, as well as with Mark Bright, who I’m always gonna love, but getting things a little different, and it’s been fun.

Fans might find her new music has a bit of an edge to it that wasn’t there before.

“I feel things have a different sort of twang to them, kind of a rock twang,” she adds.

“So there should be some things that [fans] hopefully have liked about the music we’ve done, but also a little growth, a little bit of shift, so still things they’ve liked but new things to see, hear and feel.”

No release date or album title has been given yet, but Underwood has eluded to some tracks being inspired by baby Isaiah and that there has been a lot of progress made.

“We’re off to more than a great start,” Underwood says. “We’ve been recording, I’ve been in the studio, I’ve laid vocals down, background vocals, [and] there’s still a few steps to go, but it shouldn’t be too long.”

“It’s impossible to not let your life affect things,” she acknowledges. “There’s one song that will probably make it on the album that’s about my husband and our baby; it’s really sweet, and I’m happy to have that life magic happening in the room, and he’ll be able to look back at it and say, ‘That’s about me!’”

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