Check Out Carrie Underwood’s 4-Step Arm Workout

carrie underwood arm workout

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While you can't steal Carrie Underwood's voice, you can certainly nab her top-notch fitness routine. More here!

Besides Carrie Underwood’s incredible legs, the country music star is also known for her perfectly toned arms!  With the temperatures heating up and layers of clothing coming off— let’s check out what tips Carrie’s trainer Erin Oprea has to offer up!

“We’re all about to rock those tank tops and sundresses, so let’s get you to where you feel your absolute best,” Oprea shared with PEOPLE.

1) Push-Up Holds

Either staying up on your toes or dropping down on your knees, get ready in a push up position. “Go down low in a push-up and hold that position for three seconds,” Oprea explains. Then push back up and repeat 10-20 times.

2) Up-Down Planks

Starting up on your hands, get into a plank formation. Then, lower yourself onto your elbows, maintaining the straight plank position. “Walk yourself back up to hand plant and repeat this 15 times with each arm,” Oprea directs.

3) Chin Ups

Grab a pull-up bar with an underhand grip, roll your shoulders back, and pull your chest up to the bar. Don’t swing your legs! Slowly lower yourself back down. Many find this difficult to do on their own, so use the buddy system and have a friend help hoist you up: Cross your feet, bend your knees, and have your buddy place her hands under your ankles and provide assistance. You can also strap a band around the bar and use that as your buddy. Complete as many as you can.

4) Floor Dips

Sitting on your bottom, press your hands to the ground with your fingers facing your feet. Then lift your hips off the ground to get into the starting position. To begin, bend your elbows back and push back up. Continue to pulse this movement for 30 dips for a back arm workout.

There you have it, Carrie’s arm workout. Check out her secret to achieving perfect legs here.

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