Carly Pearce Talks Romance with Michael Ray

Carly Pearce Talks Romance with Michael Ray

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Country music singer Carly Pearce is admittedly head over heels in love with boyfriend and singer Michael Ray and isn't shy to show it!

It’s always fun seeing folks fall in love and for Carly Pearce and Michael Ray we got to do just that!

The “Every Little Thing” singer has been posted their relationship on Instagram and allowing her fans to follow along in her love life.

“My last day on the Rascal Flatts tour was in Michigan — I was sitting in a nail salon with one of my friends, and he showed up. He flew in and said ‘I’m not missing your last show,’” she said in an interview about one of Ray’s romantic gestures. “It was this out of body thing where I’m like, ‘Wait, oh my God, okay, that is you!’”

“I thought I was dreaming for a second,” she continued. “He’s sweet.”

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“He is so romantic — I probably exploit him too much on social media, what he does for me, but it’s really sweet — and he’s constantly doing little things for me. I like those little things,” Pearce admitted. “Even though we spend so many days apart and miles apart, he is very intentional and it’s special.”

The couple confirmed on Instagram that they were dating this past July and the posts have kept coming over the past couple months.

The two reportedly met at a Nashville honky tonk called the Nashville Palace, known for having old-school country acts and real dancing. Later, after Ray appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Pearce flirted with him online saying ““Oh hayyyyy Michael Ray. You’re a star. And really, really cute.”

Ray has nothing but sweet things to say about Pearce, such as “She’s a great girl and I think that she’s an incredible person. Right now everything on both ends are about both our singles and both our music, and it’ll come out. She’s great, I’m a big fan. I’ll leave it at that”.

Pearce is known for her breakup, empowerment songs. This time around, her new album might have a softer side because of her new-found love.

“Definitely more love songs on this one, and the evolution of being in love — yes, I’m in love,” Pearce said. “There’s still going to be those classic Carly Pearce heartbreak songs.”

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