Cam Country Trivia Challenge

cam country

photo: Sony Music Nashville

Think you really know talented country singer Cam? Test your knowledge!

Alright, time to put on your thinking cap and test your recall skills…

What is Cam‘s full legal name? Camaron Marvel Ochs

Why does Cam go by a nickname? Well, her last name is hard to pronounce correctly. So, Camaron Ochs became Cam Ochs and then got cut down to just “Cam” during a radio tour.

What is Cam‘s birthday? November 19, 1984 (31 years old)

Where is Cam from? Lafayette, California (near San Francisco)

Why is Cam so attached to the color yellow? A cheery yellow coffee mug and kind words from a friend inspired her to adopt the happy hue as her signature.

Which country music legends influence her sound? Patsy Cline, Bonnie Raitt, & Willie Nelson

How many languages can Cam sing in? Over fourteen different languages, thanks to an organization called Contra Costa Children’s Chorus.

What did Cam study in college? Law and psychology.

Where did Cam work before getting deep into the music scene? A Stanford University research lab. She was lab manager for emotion research and you can find her published work online.

What is the name of her first major-label EP? Welcome to Cam Country

Where did Cam learn to play guitar? During a study abroad program in the Netherlands.

What was the name of Cam’s first self-made album? Heartforward

How did Cam fund her musical pursuits at first? Kickstarter

Who did Cam perform with after moving to Nashville? Emmylou Harris, Loretta Lynn, Vince Gill, & Dan + Shay.

What label is she signed to currently? Arista Nashville/RCA Records since early 2015


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