Buddy Brown’s I Call BS on That

Buddy Brown I Call BS on that

photo: YouTube

Watch Country singer Buddy Brown's I Call BS on That video from his album by the same name.
Country singer Buddy Brown’s I Call BS on That is a simple video filmed from the tailgate of his Pickup truck.   Watch the music video and learn more about this upcoming Country Music singer.

Buddy Brown, is a Mississippi native, and spent the other half of his life in Florida.   He is an avid outdoors-man and gets most of his inspiration from being in the swamps of Florida.  He says, “Music is about the only thing keeping me from living 100 miles from the nearest town in an old cabin wearing a fur hat and eatin’ squirrels for breakfast”.

The lyrics to “I Call BS On That” were written by Buddy Brown.   This song is released on his album by the same name – I Call BS on That.

I Call BS On That
photo: Buddy Brown
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