Brothers Osborne Drop New Single, “Shoot Me Straight” [Audio]

brothers osborne shoot me straight

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As promised, Brothers Osborne have given their fans the first taste of their upcoming sophomore album. Check out "Shoot Me Straight" here!

Award-winning country music duo Brothers Osborne have kicked off the new year with a brand new single, “Shoot Me Straight.” This track is the lead single from their upcoming sophomore album, which does not have a release date yet.

Enjoy the guitar-heavy official audio below!

“Shoot Me Straight” follows Brothers Osborne’s second top ten hit, “It Ain’t My Fault,” and will be available on Friday, January 5th.

“We went down to Florida, just to get out of Nashville and kinda clear our heads a little bit, with Jay Joyce our producer, and we shacked up in a beach house,” John Osborne shared about making their latest record. “We intended on maybe leaving with anywhere between six to eight songs, and we ended up recording 11 songs. I can’t come out and say that we’ve finished our record, but we got pretty damn close if we didn’t finish.”

The pair are looking forward to sharing more of their new material with fans.

“I feel very, very, very good about this record that we did,” John added. “And I know everyone says that about their new music and that’s cliché or whatever. I actually really like our record! And man, I can’t wait to play it for everybody. I want to play it for everyone right now, but I know we have to wait.”


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“Don’t give me that look, that let me down easy smile / Don’t act like I couldn’t see you coming for a hundred miles / Don’t try to find the perfect words / Can’t take the pain off the hurt / Hit me hard, baby I can take it / It’s your move go on and make it.

Make it burn the whole way down / Lay my 6 foot 4 inch ass out on the ground / Yeah, tomorrow I’ll have me a hard hangover / And one hell of a heartache / So pour it on like a shot of whiskey / And shoot me straight.

I’ve got some friends who’d love to go raise some hell / A couple old flames to help me bid you farewell / There’s plenty of time and alcohol / From happy hour to last call / So, do whatcha gotta do / So, I can get to getting over you.

Don’t give me that salt shaker and lime / Don’t give me that come back chaser this time / Don’t muddle it up, don’t water it down / Give me everything you got right here, right now / Make it burn”

Pretty sure they have another hit on their hands! Share this tune with other fans of this talented pair.

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