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Brett Young

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Country music star Brett Young's rise to fame over the last couple of years has been remarkable. How well do you know him? Take this quiz to find out!

Now that Brett Young is so popular, the internet is full of information about him. Think you know Mr. Young? Find out below! Be sure to check the bottom of the page for answers. Good luck!




1. Where is Brett Young from?

a.) Georgia
b.) Arizona
c.) California
d.) Kentucky


2. How old is Brett Young?

a.) 33
b.) 35
c.) 28
d.) 39


3. How tall is the Country music star?

a.) 5’11”
b.) 6’6″
c.) 6’3″
d.) 6’1″


4. What sport did Young play in college?

a.) Basketball
b.) Baseball
c.) Hockey
d.) Golf


5. What is Brett’s favorite alcoholic beverage?

a.) Rum
b.) Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
c.) Vodka
d.) Wine


6. Is Brett married?

a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) Maybe
d.) He’s engaged


7. In high school, Young performed at…

a.) Worship services
b.) Baseball games
c.) Weddings
d.) Graduation


G R A N D // R A P I D S

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8. Which artist from the pop genre has he opened for?

a.) Katy Perry
b.) Lady Gaga
c.) Miley Cyrus
d.) Taylor Swift


9. What month is Brett Young’s birthday?

a.) September
b.) January
c.) March
d.) December


10. An injury to which body part destroyed his chances of playing professional sports?

a.) Shoulder
b.) Elbow
c.) Knee
d.) Back



Answer Key:

1. C.

  • Brett Young is from Orange County, California. How lucky!

2. B.

  • Brett is 35 years old.

3. B.

  • He is 6’6”. Wow! Young is tall, handsome, and talented.

4. B.

  • Brett was an outstanding college baseball player at Ole Miss and Fresno State University.

5. B.

  • He is certainly not an alcoholic, but he does enjoy a glass of Jack Daniel’s before bed.

6. B.

  • Attention ladies, this star is not married! In case you forgot, he’s tall, athletic, handsome, and talented.

7. A.

  • Young led his high school worship services and is now a Country music star!

8. A.

  • Katy Perry

9. C.

  • Brett’s birthday is March 23.

10. B.

  • Unfortunately, in 2003, he suffered an injury to his elbow that ended his dreams of playing professional baseball. However, the injury led to a fantastic career in the music industry!



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