Brett Eldredge Shares His New Year’s Resolution

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It's that time again... many will be making resolutions for the brand new year. Country music star Brett Eldredge is no exception...

A new year means endless possibilities and it’s a fresh start to make a positive change! For many this could be going to the gym, a nutrition change, or better time management. Country music artist Brett Eldredge is making a New Year’s as well, except his is a little different.

“I guess I want to really sit back and enjoy how special of a life making music is,” Brett revealed to multiple media outlets recently. “You know when you start out you’re just trying everything to get on the radio and then you’re trying to make the best music you can, all you think about is that.”

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The “Wanna Be That Song” singer has chosen a resolution that is more self-reflective and will surely result in a more positive life.

“I’m always going to work hard but I’ve got to sit back and enjoy it too,” Brett shared. “Not that I never enjoyed it, but you’re moving so fast sometimes you don’t get to really recognize what’s happening all the time because you’re going to the next stage, or you’re going to the next place, or you’re putting out the next song or whatever it is. So, I think for next year I just want to really take a deep breath and look all around me and see all the people that have helped me get there and celebrate with them and celebrate with my fans that have listened to me when I had nothing going on and people that discovered me and told their friends. That’s my main goal is to really just take it all in and enjoy the beautiful life of music.”

This next year will be an exciting year for Brett, not only will he get to focus more on himself, but he also will be making several stops on his first major headlining tour!

The dates for his The Long Way Tour below are as follows:

April 5- Bosie ID

April 6- Missoula, MT

April 19- Louisville, KY

April 20- Indianapolis, IN

April 21- Kansas City, MO

April 26- Hampton Beach, NH

April 27- Boston, MA

April 28- Uncasville, CT

May 3- Toledo, OH

May 4- Bethlehem, PA

May 5- New York, NY

We wish Brett a very happy and successful 2018! Share this update with other fans of the artist!

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