Brett Eldredge Makes Terrifying Discovery in Bathroom [Video]

Brett Eldredge bathroom

photo: Brett Eldredge Facebook

Country artist Brett Eldredge doesn't want to be friends with what he found in his bathroom while enjoying a tropical vacation.

Country music star Brett Eldredge has discovered the downside to vacationing in tropical paradise— uninvited intruders.

“Here we are it’s the morning, I was going to take a leak to start the day, ya know it’s how you start the day. And then I walk in here and what do we have? A beautiful New Years snake,” the amused star quipped as he filmed a snake coiled up in his hotel suite bathroom’s toilet.

Before ya go to the bathroom…DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN😳

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Fortunately, one of Eldredge’s friends was brave enough to extract the snake and carry it outside with a plank of wood. The snake appears to be a baby boa constrictor— not venomous, but certainly not something you’d want hanging out near your private areas.

“Before ya go to the bathroom…DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN😳,” Eldredge reminds fans.

While enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation, the Illinois native has been having plenty of fun. Maybe that’s why the snake wanted to join in— ya know, to party it up?

Been busy filming my starring role in the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN🙈 @modobag

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Comin in hot…like a seagull…fresh and singin a new tune🌴 📷-@ashleighkwirtz

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