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brett eldredge facts

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Get up close and personal with handsome country music star Brett Eldredge through this collection of "must-know" facts.

What does a typical day look like in Brett Eldredge’s life? First, he wakes up and takes his dog, Edgar outside for a walk. Although the star is a busy man, he seems to have enough down time for relaxation and catching up with family. In an interview with Buzzfeed, the star says the last person he talked to on the phone was his brother. Homeland is number one on the singer’s Netflix queue, and his must-have snack is peanut butter. However, those lucky enough to eat at the same table as Eldredge, be warned; his biggest pet peeve is “eating noises.”

Eldredge’s current music addiction is John Mayer’s new album, but he loves classics like Frank Sinatra. In fact, the last book he read was Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra.

In an interview with the A Drink With staff, the singer said that if he could clink glasses with anyone, dead or alive, it would be Sinatra. Eldredge says he would pour Sinatra “whiskey, straight whiskey. He liked Jack Daniel’s, which you would never think this guy would drink a Tennessee whiskey. In fact I have a special edition Jack Daniel’s Sinatra [Select] bottle. That’s what I would break out and say, ‘Let’s drink your own bottle of whiskey!’”

Cross-country tours with his band and crew are not enough for this adventure-seeking artist. Eldredge’s last Google search was “world’s best places to adventure.” Some of his fondest memories include traveling with friends. “I once took a date whitewater rafting and brought my entire band and crew along,” said Eldredge in an interview with Buzzfeed. Taking spontaneous trips and making candid memories are what this fun-loving singer is all about.

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When it comes to sports, Eldredge is loyal to his hometown teams in Chicago. “I’m a huge Bulls, Bears and Cubs fan,” said Eldredge over drinks with A Drink With staff. Growing up on Lake Michigan in Chicagoland, he has an insatiable love for water. Whether it’s oceans or lakes, Eldredge is happiest when playing his guitar beachside or fishing while drinking a cold beer.

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