Brett Eldredge Celebrates ‘Dog Dad’ Anniversary [Pictures/ Video]

brett eldredge dog dad

photo: Brett Eldredge Instagram

In 2016, country music artist Brett Eldredge became an official dog dad! Ever since, his life has been filled with the joy of having a loyal companion. More here!

Country music star Brett Eldredge became a “dog dad” to his pup Edgar two years ago! To mark the anniversary, the artist recently took to social media.

“2 years ago today, this lil fella @edgarboogie came into my life…He was covered in fleas so I gave him a bath..he was scared to death…I was scared to death…he cried all night for several nights next to my bed…we quickly bonded in such an amazing way and he became my partner in crime…Though I swore I’d never say it, I guess it’s true, I’m a dog dad, and I’m so happy I get to have this guy along for this crazy ride,” Brett captioned his touching Instagram post.

Brett selected the name “Edgar” in honor of the county he grew up in back in Illinois. Edgar is a loyal companion to Brett and even goes on tour with him! The pooch has even collected a little fanbase of his own— stealing the hearts of his famous father’s fans!

“Every night in the crowd there are tons of signs, ‘I’m just here for Edgar,’” Brett explained during a recent chat with mulitple media outlets. “I never planned on making a famous dog or anything like that. My first ever video I posted was ‘I promise I won’t be that guy that posts a bunch of stuff of his dog.’ And then next thing you know it’s pretty often. But he’s part of my life, he’s my … I guess I’m a dog dad, I never thought I’d say it. But I guess I kinda am. I’m not ashamed of that at all, can’t be.”

“And so we are all connected in the great circle of life” @edgarboogie

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Brett didn’t have any plans to become an official ‘dog dad,’ but what he really didn’t plan on was his parents becoming official ‘dog grandparents!’ The couple had their reservations about Brett getting a furry four-legged friend, however, they have really come around to Edgar being apart of the family!

“My mom and dad used to be the last people you would ever call dog people. And now they’re crazy [about them],” Brett admitted. “I begged for a dog growing up. My whole life, every day. And I never got one. And then I always swore one day I’m gonna get a dog and they can’t stop me. And now I got it, and they were kinda iffy about when I got him, and they’re crazy about him. My mom’s cooking him meals. He eats chicken and rice, and my mom helps prepare all that, ’cause he’s got a sensitive stomach. So she’s always helping make sure his diet’s good. It’s totally a grandma, dog mom thing. It’s amazing though. It’s good though. Good to have the family support.”

Don’t let the rain stop ya from havin a good time!@edgarboogie

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