Brantley Gilbert’s Wife Has Strong Opinions About His Music

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Country music entertainer Brantley Gilbert turns to his wife, Amber, for her personal input on his songwriting. More on the couple's process here!

As many would expect, when you are married to a songwriter you get to hear their music before the world does. This is the case when it comes to country music singer Brantley Gilbert and his wife Amber.

“She’ll tell me what she likes, or if there’s something that’s not her favorite she’ll tell me. I value her opinion and I know that she knows me, and she knows my music, and she’s my wife” Gilbert said.

Gilbert admits that sometimes it can get awkward having his wife give her opinions on songs that were written about a time when they were not together. Meaning, when he was with other women outside of his longtime on again off again love who is now his wife.

“I feel like if there are songs that aren’t necessarily directly about her ­– and they you know, address some other things, I feel like it’s uncomfortable, like it would be for anybody. But she does a wonderful job of understanding that I am covering a chapter of my life, where the first part of this chapter we were not together. And she does a wonderful job of understanding that and sharing her opinion as unbiased as she possibly can,” Gilbert explained.

Gilbert and his wife welcomed their first child into the world, Barrett, in November of last year. The little one got to enjoy his very first show in Knoxville, Tennessee on Friday.

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“They’re coming out on the road. They’ll actually be in Knoxville,” Gilbert shared before the concert. “That’ll be his first little run ever.”

Gilbert spoke with a Knoxville news outlet about how he is adjusting to his new role as “dad”.

“Well, I’m still figuring it out,” said Gilbert, laughing. “It changed a little bit when I got married, and it’s changed a lot already so far since little man has been in the picture, so we’re really trying to figure that out and just kind of cross bridges as we come to them, and I hope I’m doing a good job so far.”

Of course, Gilbert’s songwriting has also been touched by the arrival of his son.

“I think it can’t help but have an effect on it,” Gilbert said. “I write songs about my life, and I think most songwriters do, and you know, him being that important in my life of course, and like I said, everything about life is just changing by the day, so I think it can’t help but have an effect on it. Hopefully an awesome effect. I know he’s had an awesome effect on my life, so I hope that translates well and represents itself as the big part it is in this next chapter.”

Gilbert is currently on his “The Ones That Like Me” tour and you can catch him on the road at one of the dates below!
Feb. 15 — Fairfax, Va. @ EagleBank Arena
Feb. 16 — Augusta, Ga. @ James Brown Arena
Feb. 17 — Charleston, S.C. @ North Charleston Coliseum
March 24 — Tuscaloosa, Ala. @ Tuscaloosa Amphitheater
April 19 — Lexington, Ky. @ Lexington Center — Rupp Arena
April 20 — Salem, Va. @ Salem Civic Center
April 21 — Pikeville, Ky. @ Eastern Kentucky Expo Center
April 26 — Dayton, Ohio @ Wright State University Nutter Center
April 27 — Terre Haute, Ind. @ ISU Hulman Center
April 28 — Rogers, Ark. @ Walmart Amp-Arkansas Music Pavillion
May 10 — Cedar Rapids, Iowa @ US Cellular Center
May 11 — Grand Rapids, Mich. @ Van Andel Arena
May 12 — Erie, Pa. @ Erie Insurance Arena

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