Brantley Gilbert & Wife Amber Cochran Are Expecting Their First Baby

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After a lot of struggle and prayers, Brantley Gilbert and wife Amber Cochran have a baby on the way! More here.

Country music entertainer Brantley Gilbert and wife Amber Cochran have just revealed that they are expecting a baby due in mid-November!

“I’m not an emotional guy, but this has got me crying like a baby,” the Georgia native shared with PEOPLE. “I’m pretty good around other folks now, but when I’m by myself, if I look at one of the pictures from the doctor’s office, I lose a few tears.”

The couple’s pregnancy announcement comes with an extra touch of joy, the couple had been struggling to conceive since getting married in June 2015 and were seeing fertility specialists. Before pursuing their many options, the pair decided to take some time before making any decisions.

Well, fate had its own plan and Amber discovered that she was pregnant without any need for additional intervention. She broke the big news before Brantley played a show on the road.

“She handed me a box and there were three pregnancy tests in there and all of them were positive,” Gilbert recalled. “I think I stared at it for at least two minutes without saying anything because I was literally in shock. We’d been told it was just not in the cards, and I’m staring at this answer to many, many, many prayers.”

The couple plan to reveal the baby’s gender in the next few weeks. Funnily enough, Brantley revealed his number one fear to Taste of Country a few months back— having a daughter.

“I really don’t feel like my kids will be able to pull much over on me, but I am terrified of having a little girl,” The Devil Don’t Sleep artist confessed.

He’s not really worried about raising a girl, he’s worried about her dating years. “You hear people say, that have daughters, ‘Oh, I’ll go to jail.’ But, no, I really will — I’ll go to prison,” Gilbert joked. “If a dude comes up my driveway that looks, talks, acts anything like me, I’m going to stab him as many times as humanly possible.”

Girl or boy, Gilbert is at a good and sober point in his life, “This Dec. 18 will be five years without drinking for me,” he shared with PEOPLE. “I got a long way away from the things that I was raised to prioritize: being a husband and a good father. Coming back to that and this happening, especially unexpectedly … My heart just feels full.”

The pair plan to raise their little family in the Jefferson, Georgia, where they both grew up and fell in love. Congrats to Brantley and Amber!

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