Brad Paisley to Open for the Rolling Stones!

Brad Paisley

photo: TheRollingStones/twitter

Brad Paisley has recently announced that he will be opening for The Rolling Stones in Nashville on June 17th.

That’s right, the country boy Brad Paisley is sharing a show ticket with the Rolling Stones. This is a huge honor for the country star, and as you can tell by his twitter feed, he is incredibly proud.

Checkout his actual announcement below!


This isn’t Brad’s first time with these rockers either. Paisley joined them on stage in 2013 in Philadelphia to play the classic Rolling Stones hit “Dead Flowers.”

Watch the video below to hear the performance while Brad Talks about his love for the Rolling Stones.



Congratulations on landing the show Brad, this is going to be an epic event and I’m sure all your country music friends are incredibly jealous.

You can get tickets for this one time only show from the twitter link above, or the button below. And for more Brad Paisley trending news, click HERE!

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